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New Leopard Noam Bag


☘️ 100% Vegan

🇮🇱 Made in Israel

Step into the urban chic world with this stylish and practical bag, a perfect companion for daily activities. It features a unique vertical zipper revealing a compact inner pocket, alongside a spacious external rear pocket. Designed as a small backpack, it's ideal for essentials but not suitable for a laptop. Dimensions: Length: 31 cm, Width: 25 cm, Depth: 4 cm. Embrace this blend of trend and functionality and make a statement with this unique addition to your collection.

New Leopard Noam Bag - Chilla Vegan Bags
New Leopard Noam Bag Angebot€62.04

Example of What Fits In:

Fits, for example, lipstick, moisturizer or sunscreen, a large water bottle, a makeup bag or pencil case, sunglasses with a case, an extra small case, a phone, keys, a wallet, and more. Perfect for everyday needs.

true story

inspiration for the design

Our designs are inspired by the friends and family who are central to the essence of Chilla. Each piece reflects the warmth, creativity, and unique qualities of the people we love. Their influence helps us create bags that are not only functional but also carry a story and a piece of our heart. At Chilla, every design is a tribute to the special connections that enrich our lives.

What our customers say

I really want to compliment this store 🌻🫶
I came across it by chance on the internet. I really liked the design, so I ordered a large bag for work. The bag is really beautiful and high quality, and I'm very satisfied with it. The bags are stunning, and beyond that, I was impressed by the exceptional customer service. They respond quickly and treat customers well. So, I just recommend it!!

Elinor Zuckerman - Customer

A perfect shopping experience. I never had a fanny pack before because I was worried it wouldn't fit everything I needed. The Lawrence model I bought is exactly what I needed and the colors are amazing. Now, I don't need to carry large bags without style anymore.

Shoval Peleg - Customer

A beautiful and comfortable bag, with durable fabric that I fell in love with and beautiful embroidery inside. It's perfect for a student like me, with enough space for everything I need (and there are other sizes too!). Both beautiful and practical, I'm happy to recommend it.

Meital Rehson - Customer

100% vegan

100% handmade