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Braune geflochtene „Class“-Geldbörse


☘️ 100% Vegan

🇮🇱 Made in Israel

A stylish wallet made from fabric that leaves no one indifferent!

Opens and closes with a convenient and chic clasp. Inside, it has space for cards, bills, temporary receipts, keys, etc.

At the back, there is a zipper pocket for coins. This classic women's wallet is relatively spacious and can also be carried as a handbag if it fits your phone's dimensions.

Dimensions: Length - 17 cm, Width - 12 cm.


Example of What Fits In:

true story

inspiration for the design

What our customers say

I really want to compliment this store 🌻🫶
I came across it by chance on the internet. I really liked the design, so I ordered a large bag for work. The bag is really beautiful and high quality, and I'm very satisfied with it. The bags are stunning, and beyond that, I was impressed by the exceptional customer service. They respond quickly and treat customers well. So, I just recommend it!!

Elinor Zuckerman - Customer

A perfect shopping experience. I never had a fanny pack before because I was worried it wouldn't fit everything I needed. The Lawrence model I bought is exactly what I needed and the colors are amazing. Now, I don't need to carry large bags without style anymore.

Shoval Peleg - Customer

A beautiful and comfortable bag, with durable fabric that I fell in love with and beautiful embroidery inside. It's perfect for a student like me, with enough space for everything I need (and there are other sizes too!). Both beautiful and practical, I'm happy to recommend it.

Meital Rehson - Customer

100% vegan

100% handmade