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Antike grüne Lawrence-Gürteltasche im Nubuk-Stil


💧Water Resistant Fabric

☘️ 100% Vegan

🇮🇱 Made in Israel

A new and beautiful fanny pack! A classic fanny pack with clean lines that upgrades any look,
Not to mention how comfortable it is: all the important things are close to you, protected, and of course, easily accessible for quick retrieval.
In addition to the main opening, the Lawrence fanny pack has an inner zip pocket and another zip pocket on the back, making it especially convenient.
Practical, elegant, and full of style!
Length - 22 cm
Width - 12 cm
Depth - 5.5 cm

Antique Green Nubuck-like Lawrence Fanny Pack - Chilla Vegan Bags
Antike grüne Lawrence-Gürteltasche im Nubuk-Stil Angebot€62.00

Example of What Fits In:

Fits, for example, keys, a passport, a wallet, a phone, lipstick, a charger, and much more. Ideal for on-the-go essentials.

true story

inspiration for the design

I designed the Laurence Fanny Pack in 2020, blending modern elegance with traditional style, perfect for both daily use and evenings out. This rectangular fanny pack holds all your essentials while keeping a chic and fashionable look.

I named it after my best friend Tal's mother, Laurence, a strong and impressive woman with unique class and impeccable taste. Honoring her stylish and devoted nature, this design reflects her incredible spirit and elegance.

What our customers say

I really want to compliment this store 🌻🫶
I came across it by chance on the internet. I really liked the design, so I ordered a large bag for work. The bag is really beautiful and high quality, and I'm very satisfied with it. The bags are stunning, and beyond that, I was impressed by the exceptional customer service. They respond quickly and treat customers well. So, I just recommend it!!

Elinor Zuckerman - Customer

A perfect shopping experience. I never had a fanny pack before because I was worried it wouldn't fit everything I needed. The Lawrence model I bought is exactly what I needed and the colors are amazing. Now, I don't need to carry large bags without style anymore.

Shoval Peleg - Customer

A beautiful and comfortable bag, with durable fabric that I fell in love with and beautiful embroidery inside. It's perfect for a student like me, with enough space for everything I need (and there are other sizes too!). Both beautiful and practical, I'm happy to recommend it.

Meital Rehson - Customer

100% vegan

100% handmade